Who we are

A long time ago (almost 20 years to be exact) I was in a local youth drama group in Clondalkin, and it was through this drama group that I met my best friend Michael. We hit it off straight away because we shared a joint interest…we were both nerds who both loved designing and creating websites. At the time we done this in the most basic of ways via HTML (the “code” used to create a website). We would spend the next couple of years locked in a bedroom designing and creating websites. One day, Michael suggested starting a business, which we were both really excited about and threw ourselves into forming. However, it never happened.

Michael and I have spoken recently about our dream formulating from his idea and he has agreed to allow me to use the name (which he came up with).
So, without further ado, I give to you, Web4You Solutions. The company that was created out of the dreams and hopes of 2 teenage nerds…comes to life!!

Most dreams never come to life, and I am delighted that this one has for me. After so many years of wanting to do something in IT and not getting anywhere with it, I felt dejected, and ready to give up. However, I am now ready to embrace this new challenge that I have thrown myself into. I look forward to potentially doing business with you, and welcoming you to my dream…now made my new reality.

Patrick Hogan – Web4You Solutions