Why we do it

“Your website isn’t the center of your universe. Your Facebook page isn’t the center of your universe. Your mobile app isn’t the center of your universe.
The customer is the center of your universe.” – Bruce Ernst

At Web4You Solutions I strongly believe in the uniqueness of each individuals needs as being seperate from the next individual. Every person is different, and every business is different also. As such my main priority is to offer a tailor based customer friendly service in the Design and Creation of any of my services. I also strive to adhere to the principle of the age old saying “The customer gets what the customer wants”. I aim to follow the principles that I have learned from my years of experience in customer based roles both in the private sector i.e. retail, and the public service i.e. customer service agent for Dublin City Council. It was these roles that equipped me with the skills required in dealing with the variety of needs and requirements of each individual customer. As such, I plan to carry this knowledge forward to Web4You, and offer a professional and friendly service from beginning (Design phase) to end (Creation phase). I look forward to this challenge ahead, and also look forward to doing business with you at some stage in the near future.

Kind regards
Patrick Hogan
Web4You Solutions